2020 Presenters

Steele, Brenda
Session #19

Brenda Steele is a passionate mental health advocate with a deep interest and focus on providing education & resources to underserved and remote regions throughout New Mexico. This subject matter has touched her life very personally and profoundly.  A suicide survivor herself, Brenda has also known the loss of a close family member, as well as a good friend to the hopelessness that is untreated & undiagnosed mental illness. In honor of those she has loved and lost, she chose five years ago to begin speaking out openly about her mental health condition & experiences to help break stigma & shame around what it means to have a mental illness.  For the last three years she has worked as a lead facilitator, and now as the Northern New Mexico coordinator for Breaking the Silence NM.  She has also been trained in mental health first aid, QPR and as a CPSW (Certified Peer Support Worker).