2020 Presenters

Esquibel, Michelle
Session #47

Michelle Esquibel, MA, LPCC is the Refugee Mental Health Coordinator for the state of New Mexico. She is a Depth Psychology-oriented psychotherapist committed to working with diverse populations, while emphasizing a holistic, integrative medicine approach to services. Her experience includes: Refugee Mental Health, Group Therapy for Transgender Asylum-seekers held in detention, School-based Psychotherapy, Assertive Community Treatment, Multi-systemic Therapy, Wilderness Therapy, Canine and Equine Assisted Therapy, and Youth Development. Michelle is a practitioner of Curanderismo-the traditional healing practices of her culture. She is a trainer in promoting cultural humility and competency in the provision of mental health services. Michelle honors a holistic model for health and well-being. Her work increases awareness and trauma-informed care in various settings. She believes that culture is curative, nature is restorative, and the traditional healing practices of one’s background are critical to the healing process.