2020 Presenters

Jerry Balistreri
Balistreri, Jerry
Sessions #38, #63

Jerry Balistreri is a professional educator, administrator, trainer and author. His training on how to read body language leaves participants wanting more and creates a memorable experience. Jerry gets the participants involved with fun learning experiences that leave them with concrete knowledge of how to read body language and what the “tells” mean. Some of Jerry’s past experiences are:

* Professional educator, administrator, trainer, speaker, and author
* B.S, M.S., M.Ed., DTE
* Twenty-five years experience in public education
* Ten years experience in training
* University department chair
* HS Principal
* State Supervisor with two state education departments
* ASTD certified trainer
* Over thirty years experience with non-verbal communication

Jerry has been training, researching, writing, and speaking on non-verbal communication for over thirty years. Jerry delivers customized trainings, keynote addresses, and conference sessions.”