Difference Makers Rock! A Keynote Concert from Head to Toe


Difference Makers Rock! A Keynote Concert from Head to Toe
Jana Stanfield

Get ready for a toe-tapping, thought provoking musical adventure! World-class musician, humorist, and global volun-tour leader Jana Stanfield uses laughter, music, interaction, and international video clips of difference makers as teaching tools to help you discover how difference makers are uniquely motivated and de-motivated, helping you maintain the same healthy resiliency you’re helping students develop. You’ll learn, laugh, and learn to laugh during this endorphin-filled keynote concert.


Jana StanfieldA world-class songwriter, Jana Stanfield’s “Lyrics to Live By” have been heard on 20/20, Entertainment Tonight, Oprah, and radio stations, sung by Reba McEntire and many others, putting platinum albums on her wall for over 5 million copies sold.

In addition to winning numerous Positive Music Awards (the Grammys of Positive Music), Stanfield has performed on television shows and on live stages from Carnegie Hall to the Grand Ole Opry, with performers ranging from Kenny Loggins to the Dixie Chicks.

Making her living doing keynote concerts at conferences in the helping professions for the last 20 years, Jana Stanfield was a featured TEDx speaker, first at TEDx NASA, and then at TEDx Chennai, India.

Stanfield’s songs “What Would I Do Today If I Were Brave” and “If I Had Only Known” are raising money for the Girl Scouts, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and many other charitable organizations.

She founded Relatively Famous Records in 1991 on her dining room table. Selling over a half a million CDs worldwide made Relatively Famous Records one of the most successful businesses of its kind, and let to Stanfield’s book for musicians called, “Start Small, Dream Big, Live Large.”

Jana Stanfield now makes her living doing Keynote Concerts, teaching communication, leadership, and life skills at large women’s conferences, health conferences, and business conferences.

She co-founded Together We Can Change the World to prevent trafficking by bringing education to underserved girls in Southeast Asia.

When she is not making music or making audiences laugh, Jana Stanfield is leading global volun-tour trips.