H2T 365 FAQ’s


Have a question? Please review our frequently asked questions below.

Have a different question? Email us at h2t365@kessjones.com or call (505) 266-3451.

Some boards have reciprocal agreements with other organizations to honor their CEU approval status.  It is your responsibility to check with them directly.  You should go ahead and follow the CEU process to obtain a certificate of completion if you plan to submit for consideration.

We are not permitted to offer partial credit for sessions.  You must participate in the attendance polls at the start and end of the presentation to receive credit for the session.

If you have a technical issue with either of the polls, please send a notice through the chat feature to the session host and they will track your attendance.

When individuals only call in it can negatively impact their learning experience and the presenter's performance.  In addition to missing the visual component of the presentation, it impacts engagement activities such as small group discussion using Zoom breakout rooms.  Also, we have found that many people on the phone don’t have access to the polls or chat feature which can be integral to the presentation.

We have designed these as virtual presentations, not webinars.  We want to create community and ensure speakers are receiving the feedback they need to effectively present.  Oftentimes, there are breakout activities for small group discussions which are much more successful when participants can see each other.  We also want to offer individuals who watch the presentations at a later date from our on-demand library with the most dynamic viewing experience  If you prefer not to have your camera on, you are always welcome to watch the recording

During the session, please direct chat with your session host.  If you are having difficulties getting into the session, you can call 505-266-3451 or email H2T365@KessJones.com for support.

Please check your junk mail or spam box first.  The survey is coming from allisha@kessjones.com. If you still can’t find it, please email H2T365@KessJones.com. Please note that if you did not respond to either attendance poll, you will not receive the survey and have been marked as a “no show” in our records.

If the presenter has made them available to us, the link will be posted in the chat for you to download and they will be emailed to you within 48 business hours. 

Some of our presenters have incorporated small group work in their presentations and have asked us to cap the attendance so they can effectively manage the activity.

We are currently not soliciting presentations, and our calendar is full through July 2020.  If you would like to be considered for our fall calendar, please email H2T365@kessjones.com.

We are happy to provide a replacement, however, please note that any request 30+ days after the presentation is subject to a $7 processing fee.  Click here for instructions to request a replacement document.