Managing Your SELf! A Neurobehavioral Approach to Rapid Long-lasting Change




Session Description

MYS, or Managing Your Self! is a brief, solution-focused program aimed at creating improvement and visible change from the first session. It combines neuroscience, counseling, management, and coaching in a totally unique way. MYS is foundational to any SEL goals, as it explains WHY we have certain social-emotional experiences, then HOW to make needed changes, and constantly focuses on the positive nature of the AUTHENTIC SELF, empowering students toward confidence, self-esteem, and success. Students need to understand why their brain gives them the messages it gives, and with MYS they do, quickly and effectively.

Learning Objectives

     #1 Describe the basic structure and function of the brain re emotion.
     #2 Discuss human behavior as a result of this knowledge.
     #3 Practice moving activity from limbic to rational brain.

About the Presenter

Presenter, Randy Guttenberger's headshotRandy Guttenberger, President, MYS Initiatives
Randy Guttenberger is an author of three books and a certified professional behavioral/motivator insights analyst for over 22 years. He created leadership programs for the Boy Scouts of America for 9 years, coached corporations and families for 21 years, and now teaches counselors and schools how to facilitate change in mental health and behavior. He helps improve human performance, communication, and relationships by using a combination of professional assessments, principles and insights, and unique coaching expertise. His delivery reflects his energetic passion, experience, and humor. Randy shows people how to get maximum results with minimal efforts. Once you implement his tools and techniques into your own success you will never look at life – or people – the same way again. His program combines multiple psychological theories with current neuroscience and techniques from coaching and management to create programs that use the mechanics of the brain to create long-lasting change quickly.

Continuing Education 

This presentation has been approved for the following continuing education units:

Approving BoardProfessionsCEUs Offered
NMBCCHPBehavioral Health Providers1.5

To receive credit, you must attend the session in its entirety and complete the session evaluation within 48 hours of the session conclusion. 


May 27 2020


11:00 am - 12:15 pm




(505) 266-3451