Creating Protective Communities for Youth




Session Description

So many of us want to prevent sexual violence among the children we work with and don’t know how best to do so. Much of the time, prevention takes more of an individual approach– what a child can do to deter abuse or respond to “grooming.” Research now shows that it is not only a child that is “groomed” for sexual abuse, but families, schools, and entire communities. This workshop provides an opportunity for participants to reflect on the messages we receive about safety as adults and other factors that can lead to violence in our communities. Participants will also learn how to proactively and effectively prevent sexual violence in their communities. This training is designed to support those who work with youth and are concerned with reducing the impact of violence in their lives.

Learning Objectives

     #1 Participants will be able to identify barriers to preventing sexual violence against children
     #2 Participants will learn features of communities that are deterrents to perpetrators
     #3 Participants will create plans for responding to concerns of sexual violence


About the Presenter

Jess Clark
Jess Clark is the Education and Prevention Manager for Solace Crisis Treatment Center in Santa Fe. He has been involved in social change and sexual violence prevention work for over a decade. His work focuses on increasing youth capacity for healthy relationship navigation as well as collaborating with faculty and administration on policy building and implementation to achieve school climate change. He is a board member for Girls Inc. of Santa Fe and has presented at regional and national conferences about topics including transgender identities, sexual violence, and queer masculinities.

Alena Schaim
Alena Schaim is the Executive Director and Instructor at Resolve, a violence prevention organization that serves Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Northern New Mexico. She has been working to prevent violence and support survivors for over a decade. Her work centers around helping people shift beliefs that shape norms and speak up for themselves & others. She has supported school districts and school staff in implementing policies that support youth most impacted by bullying and violence. Alena has presented at regional and national conferences on topics including Empowerment Self-Defense, sexual and domestic violence, and preventing violence for specific communities.


Continuing Education

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Jan 12 2021


10:00 am - 11:30 am




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