H2T365 Application Instructions


Now accepting applications for H2T365 Fall Calendar.


Before beginning the application, we recommend typing the requested information (outlined below) into a Word document so you can easily cut and paste the text into the online application. When you are  ready to apply click the “submit now” button on the right side of the page.

Multiple applications: If you plan on submitting more than one application, you will need to enter each application separately.  


  1. Workshop Summary

    Two to three paragraphs describing the content of your presentation and the types of learning activities in which participants will be engaged. Include tools, ideas, or strategies participants will take away to help them in their work, any opportunities for interaction and reflection that are part of the presentation, and any hands-on activities. Also identify your intended outcomes for participants and how you will know if you are successful in meeting your outcomes. Workshops that give the participants skills/activities to take back to their schools will receive priority consideration. THIS IS FOR THE ADVISORY COMMITTEE TO CLEARLY UNDERSTAND YOUR PRESENTATION, SO BE COMPREHENSIVE.

  2. Workshop Description

    A 75 – 100 word description of your session.  This is NOT the same as your summary. If your proposal is selected, this description will be used to market your presentation.  Make your description appealing while simultaneously giving readers a clear understanding of your presentation’s focus. Include a statement of need – why the subject matter is important – and key points you wish attendees to take away from your session. This description may be edited for length or content. 

    Writing Guidelines: 
    Write out the first reference of any acronym.
    Do not reference presenter’s name in description.
    Use the active vs. passive tense, i.e., “The session explores …” NOT “The session will explore.”

    Helpful resource:  Writing Stellar Session Descriptions

  3. Biography/Resume or CV

    Your professional background as it relates to the topic being presented. We will also need you to upload a resume or CV. If there are multiple presenters, we will need contact information and a biography for each presenter. 

  4. Photograph

    Please supply a headshot that can be used for marketing purposes.  Submit as a .jpg, .jpeg or .png of at least 300 dpi.

  5. Presentation Objectives/Outline

    Approximately 70% of our conference attendees need CEUs to maintain their licensure, and all CE credentialing boards have varous submission requirements. We have tried to streamline the collection of this information as much as possible. We need THREE clearly defined objectives stated in measurable, operational and behavioral terms that define the expected learner outcome. NOTE: You will be evaluated BY ATTENDEES on if you have achieved these objectives. Therefore it is very important that your objectives accurately reflect the presentation you provide.  Important: There are key words you should not use when writing your learning objectives. Click the details button to learn more.  Details

    If you need more guidance or examples, please contact the conference office (H2T@KessJones.com).

Notification Procedure

Individuals submitting a Call for Presenters will be notified within 7 to 10 days regarding the status of their proposal.


If you have questions regarding possible session topics or the submission of proposals for presentation, please contact Susan Ward at (505) 266-3451 or via e-mail at H2T@KessJones.com.