Call for Presentations: Learning Objectives


We are required to provide learning objectives for each presentation that we are applying for continuing education.  The post even evaluation will ask if these objectives have been met, so it is important that they are addressed in your presentation.  There is certain terminology no to use in designing objectives, below is additional guidance.

Terms NOT to use:

1) be able to understand
2) be aware of
3) learn how to
4) know how to
5) recognize

Recommended verbs: 

Knowledge: define, describe, examine, extract, find, identify, label, list, name, order, organize, outline, present, recall, recognize, select, show, state, write.

Comprehension: clarify, compare, contrast, defend, demonstrate (an understanding), discuss, distinguish, estimate, explain, express, formulate, give examples of, illustrate, indicate, interpret, judge, justify, perform, predict, present, report, review, select, summarise.

Application: apply, assess, change, classify, construct, demonstrate, develop, examine, explain how, find, give examples of, illustrate, interpret, modify, organize, practice, predict, prepare, produce, relate, show, select, transfer, translate, use, verify.

Analysis: analyze, appraise, arrange, categorize, classify, compare, conclude, connect, criticize, debate, deduce, develop, diagnose, differentiate, discriminate, distinguish between, elucidate, evaluate, illustrate how, infer, justify, order, outline, point out, question, recognize, relate, resolve, select, test.

Synthesis: Account for, argue, categorize, combine, compile, compose, conclude, create, derive, design, develop, establish, explain, formulate, generate, generalize, integrate, manage, modify, organize, plan, present, prescribe, propose, put together, structure, suggest, rearrange, relate, reconstruct, reorganize, report, select, summarise, synthesize, teach, tell, write.

Evaluation: appraise, ascertain, assess, choose, compare, conclude, consider, contrast, criticize, critique, decide, defend, detect, describe how, determine, discriminate between, evaluate, grade, interpret, judge, justify, persuade, predict, question, recommend, resolve, select, standardize, summarise, support, validate, value, verify.


  • Describe the components of the Youth Mentorship Program.
  • Apply knowledge of infection control in the ward environment.
  • Differentiate between acute and chronic renal failure.
  • Explain the appropriate management of the acutely psychotic patient.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of infant attachment on mental health in adolescence.
  • Recognize when it is appropriate to raise child protection concerns.
  • Justify the use of mental health legislation with respect to anorexia nervosa.
  • Judge when information about a patient should be shared with a specific third party(ies).