2020 Agenda at a Glance


Tuesday, April 14
PRECONFERENCE SESSIONS (Additional fee applies)
8:00-5:00 PMPC1 QPR Gatekeeper Train the Trainer Course
8:00-5:00 PMPC2 Youth Mental Health First Aid
8:00-3:00 PMPC3 Focus on the Framework: Care Coordination
8:00-11:00 AMPC4 Creating Connection through Experiential Learning
8:30 - 5:00 PM Expanding Reproductive Autonomy and Contraceptive Access Training
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Wednesday, April 15
8:30-10:00 AM WELCOME
KEYNOTE: Unlocked Potential: The Key to Transforming the Future of Our Youth
#1 Are we teaching sexual health education in New Mexico?
#2 Laughter is the Best Medicine: Using Humor to Engage Students and Deal with Trauma
#3 Care Coordination of Chronic Diseases in the School Setting
#4 Restorative Justice Practices: Changing Lenses to See Classrooms as Communities
#5 Creating Connection Through Experiential Learning
#6 Happy Students=Healthy Students and Happy School=Healthy School
#7 Mental Health Considerations for Refugee Students
#8 Addressing Trauma in School Social Work to Foster Youth Resiliency
#9 Now, teacher, don't you fill me up with your rules, but everybody knows that smokin' ain't allowed in school
12:00 PM-1:00 PM LUNCH
1:00-1:30 PM RECESS
#10 Managing Your SELf! A Neurobehavioral Approach to Rapid Long-lasting Change
#11 Inequity and the Opportunity Gap: Using Data to Prevent and Address ACEs
#12 Breathe it in! Asthma, Culture, and Language in Hispanic Families
#13 Social Media and Immunizations: The Intersection of Civil Discourse, Propaganda and Collaboration
#14 National Alliance on Mental Illness-NM: ENDING THE SILENCE
#15 Creating Protective Communities for Children
#16 Creating Comprehensive School Mental Health Systems to Achieve Improved Student and School Outcomes
#17 Beyond the ABCs: The Benefits of GSA Clubs
#18 An Overview of Lessons Learned from a Pilot Prevention and Empowerment Program Targeting the E-Cigarette Epidemic in Kentucky
3:00-3:20 PM BREAK
#19 Using Biodots to Teach Adolescents About Stress and Self-Care
#20 Asthma! Best Practices for Managing Chronic Conditions in Schools
#21 Using the World Café Strategy to Improve the Lives of Our Children and Youth
#22 Improving Health and Academic Outcomes by Integrating Oral Health into School Curriculum
#23 T’ai Chi Chih: For Balance, Stress Reduction & Clarity
#24 Culturally Competent Suicide Prevention: A Process for Working Cross Culturally
#25 Overview of Motivational Interviewing in a School Setting
#26 The SBIRT Model of Intervention: How to Reach Youth Affected by Substance Use Disorders
#27 Let’s Talk About Sex (And Unintended Pregnancy)
Thursday, April 16
7:00-8:00 AMREGISTRATION (New attendees only)/GRAB AND GO BREAKFAST
#28 Getting the Biggest Bang for your Buck in the Health Education Classroom
#29 Hidden in Plain Sight – Child Trafficking in Schools
#30 Through the Camera Lens: Using Photography as a Suicide Prevention Tool
#31 Two-Minute Oral Health Assessments
#32 Supporting At-Risk Youth: Assessing and Creating a Safety Plan for Suicidal Youth
#33 Transgender Students 201
#34 PrEP, PEP and STIs: Navigating the Alphabet Soup of Sexual Health for Today’s Adolescents
#35 Trauma-Sensitive Resiliency: A Toolkit for WellBeing
#36 Visioning Youth Empowerment and a Stronger School Community
9:30-9:45 AM BREAK
9:45-11:00 AMKEYNOTE Jennifer Gomez-Chavez's Keynote Address
#37 Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety: Creating a Positive Digital Citizenship in Schools
#38 Semillas de Salud: Healing ACEs with Trauma-Informed Peer Health Education
#39 To the Left of "Your Worst Case Scenario"
#40 Parental Incarceration and Youth Problem Behaviors
#41 Losing Someone You Care For to Suicide
#42 School Counselors and Teacher Librarians: Collaborations and Partnerships with Important Stakeholders
#43 School Crisis Recovery; A Community and School Partnership
#44 Seeing HPV Clearly – Guard Ur Self
#45 I Am Me: Understanding the Intersections of Gender, Sexuality, and Identity
12:30 PM-1:45 PM LUNCH
#46 ‘Informing’ Trauma-Informed Care: Case Studies of High ACEs-score SBHC Users
#47 Spark the Superpower in Students & Teachers with Brain-based Classroom Physical Activity
#48 Mental Health and Reunification; Does Your District Have It?
#49 Kassy’s Kause: Bringing Awareness to Maternal Mental Health Disorder
#50 Coming Together to Create a System of Care for Youth at Risk for Suicide
#51 Medical Cannabis
#52 How Can Your School Collaborate with the NM Department of Health to Raise Immunization Rates?
#53 Promoting Digital Citizenship in Students: A Decision Making Methodology
#54 Understanding and Treating Trauma in the Schools (Punishment is Not the Answer!)
2:45-3:00 PM BREAK
#55 Creating Protective Communities for Children [REPEAT]
#56 Mental Health Considerations for Refugee Students [REPEAT]
#57 Creating Community Coalitions Engaged in Prevention, Intervention, and Social Change
#58 Creating Comprehensive School Mental Health Systems to Achieve Improved Student and School Outcomes [REPEAT]
#59 Using SBIRT (Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment) for Youth Suicidality
#60 Strategies for Implementing Best Practices in Schools to Support LGBTQ+ Students
#61 Parental Incarceration and Youth Problem Behaviors [REPEAT]
#62 Restorative Justice Practices: Changing Lenses to See Classrooms as Communities [REPEAT]
#63 Beyond the Tears: Looking to the Root Cause and the Hidden Secrets of Family Violence


*Agenda subject to change.

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