2016 Keynotes

Attendance Matters: Your Role in Helping Students Show Up and Succeed!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADebra Duardo, incoming Superintendent, Los Angeles County of Schools

We all know that regular school attendance is a strong predictor of overall academic success. Students who are chronically absent experience more challenges in learning to read and ultimately succeeding in school. Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school – and themselves. As a school based support services provider, you play a critical role in helping students develop productive habits early on.

Dr. Duardo provides a personal reflection on how support systems were key in helping her transition from a high school dropout to the executive director of Student Health and Human Services in the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest school district in the country

Empowering Youth to be Health Leaders

Svitak, Adora SQ Adora Svitak

With years of expertise in youth empowerment and advocacy, Adora shares anecdotes and ideas revolving around the central point that key to engaging with students is empowering them. That means everything from asking for their input on decisions to seeing them as collaborators in designing programs and events. This, in turn, shifts how students see school health programs — instead of being passive recipients, students are empowered to be the authors of their health and educational experiences.

Stress Less, Connect & Accomplish More!

Carlson, Colette SQColette CarlsonSpeak Your Truth, Inc.

The truth is school health professionals today are expected to produce more in less time with fewer resources, while staying positive and engaged. The reality is you are stressed out, tightly wound and exhausted as your best intentions get swallowed up in the frenetic-paced environment of constantly juggling schedules, demands and priorities. Let’s throw in the fact that communication is critical at every level whether speaking with your community, administration, staff, parents or students. With a heavy dose of humor, Colette shares her magic prescription to stay resilient and connected to your passion and purpose of meeting the health and learning needs of all students.