2014 Preconferences


[day date=”29 April 2014″]Tuesday[/day]
[event time=”8:00 – 5:00″ room=””]

New School Nurse Orientation 

Open to those who have been a school nurse for less than two years.

Preconference registration fee is $35.


[event time=”8:30 – 11:30″ room=””]

Staying Connected: Facilitating the Learning Experience During and After Cancer Treatment
This education program for school personnel and parents discusses possible emotional, physical, cognitive and late effects of cancer treatment in children and offers numerous resources that can assist childhood cancer survivors to flourish in the school environment post-treatment.

Presented and Sponsored by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, session limited to 40 participants.

There is no cost to attend this session.

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Positive Youth Development-Youth Leadership (PYD-YL) Track

The PYD-YL Track provides an opportunity for youth from across the state to have fun, network, build leadership skills and gain  knowledge from their peers who are actively promoting adolescent health and wellness in their communities. The NM Department of Health, Office of School & Adolescent Health (OSAH) sponsored these youth teams who have agreed to take the health information back to their school or community. Young people are valuable partners who can relay vital health information to their peer. We know youth are more open to learning from their peers, however make sure it’s accurate information is key.   OSAH is dedicated to promoting the positive youth development approach which recognize youth as leaders of today and the importance of youth-adult partnership.  Together we can contribute to a health New Mexico.

Session participation by invitation only.

[lunch time=”7:45 – 8:25″]Breakfast[/lunch]

[event time=”8:30 – 9:15″ room=””] Introductions and Ice Breaker[/event]

[event time=”9:30 – 10:45″ room=””]

Breakout 1: Breaking the Silence

Breakout 2: Be Legit with Health Lit


[event time=”11:00 – 12:15″ room=””]
Breakout 3: Breaking the Silence

Breakout 4: Be Legit with Health Lit


[lunch time=”12:15 — 1:15″]Lunch[/lunch]

[event time=”1:30 – 2:45″ room=””]

Breakout 5: PYD – Youth are Leaders of Today

Breakout 6: In Their Shoes: Teens & Dating Violence [/event]

[event time=”3:00 – 4:15 ” room=””]

Breakout 7: PYD – Youth are Leaders of Today

Breakout 8: In Their Shoes: Teens & Dating Violence [/event]

[event time=”4:30 – 5:30″ room=””]

Creating Campaign Messages



*Dinner and evening events on own.  Day 2 of programming integrated with full conference.


School-Based Health Center Preconference
For SBHC Coordinators and Clinical Staff

Additional fee of $35 to attend this session.

[event time=”9:00 – 10:30″ room=””]Welcome and Introductions[/event]

[lunch time=”10:30 – 10:45″]Break[/lunch]

[event time=”10:45 – 12:00″ room=””]

Youth chat


[lunch time=”12:00 – 12:45″]Lunch[/lunch]

[event time=”12:45 – 2:15″ room=””]
Breakout Sessions 


B. Youth Engagement

C. Return on Investment


[lunch time=”2:15 – 2:30″]Break[/lunch]

[event time=”2:30 – 4:00″ room=””]

Breakout Sessions 


B. Developing a Clinical Pathway to Improve School-Based Health Care for Adolescent Substance Abuse



[event time=”4:00 – 4:30″ room=””]

Wrap Up/ Prize Drawings


[event time=”4:30 – 5:00″ room=””]CEU Distribution[/event]

[lunch time=”5:30 “]NMASBHC Reception[/lunch]