2018 Speakers

Tim Reeder
Tim Reeder
Session #13

Tim Reeder serves as the State of New Mexico, N.E. Region Emergency Preparedness Specialist. He holds degrees in Art History, Commerical Photography, Public Relations, and Public Health. The Emergency Preparedness Specialist works closely with all of the Emergency Managers in their region and also attends the LEPC meetings, tabletop exercises and trainings. The N.E. Region of the State of New Mexico includes, 10 counties, 8 Pueblos and 1 Tribal Nation. He has 25 year’s experience in Public Relations and is a retired paramedic with volunteer experience with Fire and Rescue, and Hazmat.
Working together provides the correct communications and collaboration for when there is a need for emergency resources. We all have a vested interest in the health and security of our population and everyone needs to be represented.