2018 Speakers

Michael Mann
Keynote #1

Michael Mann’s professional background includes over 22 years serving children, adolescents, and their families as a school health education and promotion practitioner.  His professional roles have included being an alternative school teacher and principal, a regional director and director of organizational development for a national alternative school organization, the founder of two non-profit youth development organizations, and as a school evaluation consultant.  Currently, in his work as an assistant professor at West Virginia University’s School of Public Health, he has been focused on the professional preparation of school teachers, counselors, and administrators as well as other child and youth health advocates.  His teaching and research have emphasized how all education professionals can: 1) create healthy learning environments, 2) choose active and challenging learning strategies that encourage student achievement, growth, and discovery, and 3) advocate for and with young people to promote student health and life success.  Recently, much of this work has focused specifically on middle school health education/promotion and the impact of school climate on early adolescent health and wellbeing.  In the past five years, Michael has published over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles in the areas of school and adolescent health, as well as given over 30 peer-reviewed research presentations and over 20 invited talks at professional development conferences, local schools, and community alliances/partnerships.  He is also a member of the American School Health Association’s board of directors and the Journal of School Health’s editorial board.  Michael’s presentations are often characterized as being passionate, warm, humorous, action-oriented, and grateful.  He uses creative and fun demonstrations to clarify complex ideas; and no matter how large the group, his presentations are interactive and feel intimate and personal.