2018 Speakers

Mac McCaskill
Mac McCaskill
Session #27

SA McCaskill has been with the FBI for 19 years and has been assigned to the San Francisco Field Office and the Albuquerque Field Office. During his career, SA McCaskill has investigated violent crimes, including homicide, sex crimes, kidnappings, and car-jackings, as well as white collar crimes, including complex financial crimes and public corruption. Currently, SA McCaskill is the Principal Behavioral Analysis Coordinator in Albuquerque, where he manages the program and is the lead agent in coordinating assistance in serial murder investigations, unsolved or ongoing serial crimes against children, and threat assessment and management investigations.
SA McCaskill is also a member of the FBI’s National Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (CARD) Team and deploys to assist child abduction investigations. He has been a Crisis Negotiator since 2001, and conducts police training in the areas of Interview and Interrogation, Crisis Negotiation, and Threat Assessment and Management.
Prior to joining the FBI, SA McCaskill received a Bachelor of Criminal Justice from New Mexico State University and a Juris Doctor from Stanford University. He also served as a Bomb Tech in the United States Army.