2017 Speakers

Marylouise Kuti
Marylouise Kuti
Session #5

Marylouise Kuti has worked with the NM GRADS Program for the past 10 years, to assist in the education, support and advocacy for expectant and parenting teens supporting their graduation, economic independence, promote culturally sensitive healthy multi-generational families and provided education, resources and guidance to reduce risk-taking behaviors.

Through her work as a co-founder of the #NoTeenShame campaign, Marylouise along with six other women across the nation have volunteered for three years through social media outlets working to support young families through positive media campaigns and awareness without using stigma and shame.

Marylouise is proud to contract with the Circle of Security International (COS) and is a licensed Parent Educator and is completing her Circle of Security Intervention license to provide support to care givers and their children on education, support and therapy to support secure attachments.

Though she is no longer a teenager, Marylouise continues to identify as a teen mother, who had her first son at the age of 16. Through the internal shame she felt, she hid her pregnancy and did not seek medical care. She is the happy mother of Stephen (16) and Nolan (10) and works within social and reproductive justice so that no young parent ever has to feel alone.