2018 Speakers

Kristin Roush
Session #28, #54

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D., Lighthearted Professor and Distinguished Faculty award winner, has taught Psychology at Central New Mexico Community College for over 22 years. Her graduate degree is in Counseling and Educational Psychology. Her reputation as a humorist, storyteller, and dispenser of free therapy cause her classes to fill in minutes with wait lists every semester. Dr. Roush has a passion for students, for encouraging each and every one of them to discover their uniqueness and value. Kristin is a professional speaker, and an inaugural member of the New Mexico Leaders in Mindfulness Conference. A few of her topics include First Responder Resilience Training, Mindful Self Compassion, and Becoming a Master Teacher. Come prepared to relax, laugh a little, learn a lot, and walk away changed. Read her professional self-development blog at www.MovedandShaken.com.