2018 Speakers

Leslie Kelly
Session #8

Leslie Kelly moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico from Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1986 in search of sunshine, a career as an educator, and a more agreeable climate year-round. She has a BS in Special Education and an MA in Counseling. Throughout her 30+ year professional career, she has worked as a school counselor, mental health clinician, educator, prevention specialists and administrator. Her passion is working with and on behalf of children, families and communities facing challenges due to social, educational, and economic inequities. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis competitively, working out, music, reading, and her dog Lucy and husband Clay. Sam and Madeline, her two grown children, reside in Colorado and Washington and she tries to see them as much as possible. She is currently working as a school counselor at Laguna Elementary School in the Laguna Pueblo