2017 Speakers

Herling, Michele
Michele Herling
Session #32

Michele Herling founded the Compassionate Touch Network (CTN), a nonprofit community promoting mental health and social advocacy through education and the arts. In 2007, she conceived of “Minds Interrupted: Stories of Lives Affected by Mental Illness,” to erase stigma through monologues written and presented on stage by individuals impacted by mental illness.  She has co-produced thirteen “Minds” productions in NM, MD, TX and MN.  In 2012 “Breaking the Silence/New Mexico” became a core project of CTN, and Michele co-developed lessons and trainings for adults and youth to facilitate this stigma busting curriculum in middle and high school classrooms. Michele’s devotion to bringing heartfelt awareness and understanding of mental illness developed out of her personal journey with a family member who has mental illness.