2018 Speakers

Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia
Session #40

Ryan Garcia is the Education Program Manager for the Durango Planned Parenthood’s Responsible Sex Education Institute. Ryan has spent his professional career as a community health worker that specializes in infectious disease, sexual health education, LGBTQ* issues, and working with high risk populations. Having always held the aspiration to help others, Ryan received his Bachelor of Community Health from New Mexico State University (NMSU) and graduated as the Alumni Association’s Distinguished Scholar for the College of Health and Social Services.
Expanding his perspective and helping others have always been passions of Ryan’s and they show in the large variety of endeavors he undertakes. Some of Ryan’s more current community involvement positions include being Vice Chair for both the 4 Corners Alliance for Diversity & Rainbow Youth Group and Advisory Board Member of the Celebrating Healthy Communities Coalition. Ryan’s priority in this world is to support, educate, and validate those he encounters throughout life.