2018 Speakers

Carlos M. Flores, MSW, LMSW, LADAC
Session #41

Carlos Flores, Coordinator of the Youth Engagement Project, is a social worker, activist, and health promotion specialist. He has been working with students in South Valley and West Side Schools for the past 11 years on positive youth development projects. These projects focus on working with the arts & other projects to promote health & wellness, and to prevent youth violence, early school-leaving. He encourages students to build individual skills and critical thinking through programs such as arts programming in the schools, farm projects in the community, and supportive peer education through mentoring and experiential learning projects. Recently, the project has moved toward building skills towards self-sufficiency with the creation of economic development projects. Utilizing experiential training and cooperative democratic decision-making among partners, the project is expanding to incorporate training for self-development through experiential learning and group building.