Exhibitor Policies


Official Contact Person: The person named on the exhibitor registration form is considered the official contact of the participating organization to receive all information regarding confirmation of events and activities. This person is responsible for assuring information is properly distributed to all participating representatives. Booth workers are the individuals in actual attendance at the Conference. Participating representatives  may be submitted at a later date.

Attendance at Conference: The ability to send two (2) booth workers is included in the exhibit package. Additional representatives may be authorized if requested. Each representative will be issued a name badge. The exhibit fee does not include conference registration or meals.

Electrical Connections/additional booth requests: An electrical connection will be provided, if requested. Other services may or may not be provided and must be arranged through Kesselman-Jones, Inc.

Booth Assignments: Space assignments will be made according to the order in which applications were received and accepted. Payment must be received in order for the application to be considered accepted.

Cancellations: Cancellation of exhibit space must be in writing. Cancellations received prior to Wednesday, April 7, 2017, will be refunded with a 20% service charge on the net cost of the original space. A refund for cancellation cannot be made after April 7. In the event of the Conference being cancelled due to fire, strikes, government regulations, Acts of God or other causes beyond the control of the sponsoring organization, Kesselman-Jones, Inc. shall not be held liable for failure to hold the Conference, and Kesselman-Jones, Inc. shall determine the amount of exhibit fee to be refunded.

Shipping/Storage: All exhibitors are asked to make individual arrangements for shipping/handling.

Security/Liability: No security will be provided. Do not leave valuables in your booth unattended. The exhibitor assumes complete responsibility for losses, damages and claims arising out of damage of the Exhibitor’s displays, equipment and other property brought upon the premises of the host facility. He/she shall indemnify and hold harmless the host facility and its sponsors/organizers or any other authorized representative agent or employee of the foregoing of any and all losses, damages, and claims.

Restrictions: All decorative material must be flame proofed. Every effort will be made to maintain a business-like atmosphere. Extremely loud noises, such as bells, sirens, buzzers, etc., are not permitted. Use of audio-visual equipment must be played at a moderate volume.

Floor Plan: The floor plan for this exhibit will be maintained as originally presented whenever possible. However, Kesselman-Jones, Inc. reserves the unqualified right to modify said plan to the extent necessary for the best interests of the exhibit, the exhibitors, and the facility.

Damage: Exhibitors will not fasten any fixtures to the floors, walls, columns or ceilings of the exhibit area. Exhibitors will be liable for any damages caused by such fastening and for any damage to equipment furnished by Kesselman-Jones, Inc. or service suppliers designated by them.

Permits/Licenses: Each exhibitor is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and permits to use music, photographs or other copyrighted material in exhibitors’ booths or displays. No exhibitor will be permitted to play, broadcast or have performed any music or use any other copyrighted material, such as photographs or other artistic works, without first presenting to Kesselman-Jones, Inc. proof satisfactory that the exhibitor has, or does not need, a license to use such music or copyrighted material. Kesselman-Jones, Inc. reserves the right to remove from the exhibit area all or any part of any booth or display which incorporates music, photographs or other copyrighted material for which the exhibitor fails to produce proof that the exhibitor holds all required licenses. The exhibitor shall remain liable for and shall indemnify hand hold Kesselman-Jones, Inc., their agents and employees, harmless from all loss, cost claims, causes of actions, suits, damages, liability, expenses and costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising from or out of any violations or infringements (or claimed violation or infringement) by exhibitor, exhibitor’s agent or employees of any patent, copyright or trade secret rights or privileges.