Keynote Sessions



Re-Imagining the Full Promise of Schools: A Systems-Informed Approach to Achieving Integrated Academic, Health, and Developmental Outcomes for All Children

Today, public schools represent a mandatory “treatment” with significant implications for the immediate and lifelong well-being of our children. In this presentation, we will identify key limitations of the current academic model and suggest a fully re-imagined model of schooling that more adequately supports equal and integrated goals for student academic, health, developmental, and life success. We will consider how schools can become the vibrant embodiment of a community’s commitment to its children and how communities can work together to create an educational environment characterized by well-being, challenge, growth, and success. Finally, we will share stories of schools who have “done it right” and celebrate the powerful difference that we can make in the lives of our students.

About the presenter – Michael Mann



The Power of One Caring Adult: Every Kid Is ONE Caring Adult Away from Being a Success Story

Josh Shipp was a foster kid, class clown, a rebel without a clue, a trouble maker. He was written off, kicked out, and every adult’s worst nightmare. Until one caring adult changed everything.

Learn from his wealth of experience of working teens, parents, and educators from every walk of life. This program is part inspirational “keep at it” and part practical seminar “here’s exactly what to do.

Topics covered: The 5 common mistakes to avoid, how to get through to ANY teen, case studies of what works AND what doesn’t, simple and effective ways to let teens know you care, and helpful real-time Q&A”

About the presenter – Josh Shipp