At the Conference (7)

For local guests, we are offering free parking at the Albuquerque Convention Center parking structure off Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, just west of Broadway.  When you check in at registration, you will be able to pick up a parking ticket that will allow you to exit the structure at no cost for the four days of the conference. Please note that this is NOT valid for any other parking lots, including the garage under civic plaza.

If you are a guest of the Hyatt Hotel, we have negotiated free parking at the hotel. 

 If you have a handicapped placard, you may park for free at any metered space downtown.

The preferred dress is Business Casual.  Note that some meeting facilities can have wide variations in temperatures which may be out of our immediate control. Therefore, you may wish to dress in layers so as to be comfortable regardless of the room you are in.  Comfortable shoes are important as the meeting rooms are rather spread out. 

Bring your digital device or pen and paper for taking notes.  WIFI will be available in the Convention Center, however, access to power outlets in the rooms is very limited.   Do not leave cell phones or laptops unattended while charging. 

During the conference, items are turned into the conference registration desk, or the security desk located on the ground level of the east complex.  After the event, all items will be turned into the Convention Center security desk.  All items not claimed by the end of the conference will be turned over to the Albuquerque Convention Center.   After the conference, call (505) 768-4588 to inquire about lost items.

Presentations will be available through the conference app or on the conference web site if we have received approval from the speaker to post.  Not all sessions may be posted and some are not received by our office until the day of, or after the conference.

Photographs and video will be taken during the event for use in social media, future advertising, newsletters and other promotional materials, whether in print, electronic or other media.  By participating in this conference, you grant the producers the right to use your name and photograph for such purposes.

Free Wi-Fi will be made available in the Convention Center and at the Hyatt hotel.  Please note that using free Wi-Fi can expose you to security risk, therefore, use at your own risk.  To learn about the dangers of using open Wi-Fi networks and ways to protect yourself, you might find the following article helpful:  https://hbr.org/2017/05/why-you-really-need-to-stop-using-public-wi-fi


Registration (11)

We recommend you register as soon as you make a definite decision to attend. Participants who register before February 20 receive discounted registration fees. 

Programming is for registered attendees only. All attendees will be issued name badges which will be monitored throughout the event.

Everyone attending the conference, regardless if they are taking advantage of the meals or not, must register and pay. 

No, conference programming, including meals is for registered attendees only.  You may purchase a guest meal.  Please check in with the registration manager for pricing and availability.  

To register now and take advantage of early bird rates, you can assign the registration to a placeholder name. 

  1. Enter your company/school/group name in the “First Name” field. 
  2. Enter a “Holding” in the ”Last Name” field
  3. Use the organization’s mailing address and your email & direct contact information to complete the form.

If you register using “placeholder names,” you must transfer each registration to the actual attendee prior to arrival, otherwise they will be unable to pick up their registration upon arrival.

Once you register online, you receive a purchase receipt immediately after finalizing the transaction. Your registration confirmation is sent by email to the address provided upon registering and shows receipt of your purchase. During the registration process, you can provide a secondary “CC” email to provide copy of your confirmation to your supervisor, assistant, colleagues or travel companions.

Once you are registered you will be able to view and print your confirmation, as well as log in to your registration portal at any time to make changes, print receipts and/or confirmations and create your itinerary

Yes, you can log back into your profile and add activities, change sessions or modify your contact information.

To cancel, you must send a request in writing to H2T@kessjones.com.  You cannot cancel through the online portal.

Information about our policies regarding refunds and use of discount codes and credentials are located in our Terms and Conditions. Please be sure to read and understand these before making any purchases.

Some spam filters and gray lists may filter out automated communications. Please add the following email domains to your spam filter’s list of approved senders: 

·         eTouches

·         KessJones

Support Services (4)

There is a place to do that when you register online. Please only state meal requirements and not preferences. We will notify the venue of your special need.  You will be given a special meal ticket when you check in at the event.  Please make sure you show this ticket to your server.  If a course is preset at the meal table when you arrive that you cannot eat due to your dietary restriction, do not assume there is not an option for you in the kitchen.  It is your responsibility to communicate your needs to the conference office and venue staff.

The conference will provide support services upon request. Please request accessibility services or accommodations at the time of registration and/or four weeks in advance to maximize our efforts. For questions, or to request accommodations, please contact our registration administrator at accessibility@kessjones.com or call 505-266-3451. You can find information on all of our accommodations regarding accessibility here. (LINK TO POLICY)

The conference does not offer child care.  You may inquire about child care services with the concierge at your selected hotel. Be certain to make arrangements prior to your arrival in Albuquerque.  Children and infants are not allowed in conference sessions.

  • There is a lactation room in the foyer of the women’s room on the lower level of the east complex.
  • Please visit our relaxation station near the check-in area for a quiet place to gather your thoughts and reflect on the day’s activities.
  • If you are in need of a room, please as the conference staff managing the registration desk if there is a meeting space not in use.

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