2018 Agenda at a Glance


Tuesday, April 17
PRECONFERENCE SESSIONS (Additional fee applies)
8:00-5:00 PMPC1 Mental Health First Aid
8:00-5:00 PMPC2 Implementing School Wellness Policies from Head to Toe
8:00-5:00 PMPC3 School Based Health Center Preconference
8:00-5:00 PMPC4 New Nurse Training
9:00-12:00 PMPC5 Making Tough Choices: When Values Collide
1:30-4:30 PM PC6 Step by Step to a Successful Peer-to-Peer Helpers Program for Youth Suicide Prevention
1:30-4:30 PM PC7 New Mexico Culturally Informed Practices
Wednesday, April 18
8:00-10:00 AM WELCOME
KEYNOTE: Re-Imagining the Full Promise of Schools: A Systems-Informed Approach to Achieving Integrated Academic, Health, and Developmental Outcomes for All Children
#1 Management of Youth Sports Concussion
#2 The Development of an Electronic Asthma Registry
#3 Sexual Health is Just Health
#4 Caring Guidance Self-Esteem by DOVE
#5 Saving Lives in Schools
#6 Hungry Mouths to Feed: Addressing Childhood Hunger in New Mexico
#7 Critical Thinking: Make it Purposeful
#8 Making Mindfulness Normal: 5 Quick and Easy Practices for a School Setting
#9 Advanced Sexual History
11:30 AM-12:30 PM LUNCH
12:50-1:20 PM RECESS
#10 Transgender Students 101
#11 Childhood Trauma and its Effect on Children
#12 Support our Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Community: Are you ready?
#13 Emergency Preparedness
#14 Facilitating a "Life Skills Group" for Student Support
#15 Alliance-Building for Suicide Prevention and Youth Resilience (ASPYR) Training 1: Collaborative Assessment, Safety Planning and Treatment of Youth Suicidality
#16 Resilience Can Be Taught! 10 Tools to Motivate ANY Student
#17 Vaccines, Vaccine Exemptions and Vaccine Preventable Diseases in Schools
#18 Pushing Boundaries: Redefining Social Work in Schools
3:00-3:20 PM BREAK
#19 Transgender Students 201
#20 How to Conduct an Oral Health Assessment
#21 Serving Refugees and Asylees in Schools
#22 Education Support for Students Involved in the Juvenile Justice System
#23 Social Justice and Intersectionality
#24 ASPYR Training 2: Collaborative Assessment, Safety Planning and Treatment of Youth Suicidality
#25 Trauma Sensitive Schools and Classrooms Benefit Everyone
#26 ADHD or PTSD? Medications or Therapy?
#27 Overview of Threat Assessment and Management Concepts
Thursday, April 19
7:30-8:00 AMCHECK-IN (New attendees only)/GRAB AND GO BREAKFAST
#28 Gentle Test Taking: Mindful Self-Compassion to Reduce Test Anxiety
#29 SUPER PEER: An Innovative Approach to Peer Substance Use Prevention with Identity at the Center
#30 Building Resiliency from the Inside Out: A Tool-Kit for Youth Well-Being
#31 Revenge of the Mountains: An Online Game to Help Youth Navigate Albuquerque's Healthcare System
#32 When Youth Talk, Adults Listen: Engaging Youth Leaders in Policy Change
#33 Refugee Mental Health: Considerations for Working with Refugee Students and their Families in an Academic Setting
#34 APS Title I Homeless Project: Minimizing Barriers, Maximizing Opportunities for Students Experiencing Homelessness
#35 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Every Child, Every Grade, Every Year
#36 Vaccines, Vaccine Exemptions and Vaccine Preventable Diseases in Schools [REPEAT]
9:30-9:45 AM BREAK
#37 I Can See Clearly Now: Healthy Vision Awareness
#38 Breaking the Silence / New Mexico: Testimonials by Teens and Teachers
#39 18 b4 18: The Need-to-Know for Youth Transitioning to Adult Health Care
#40 Going Over the Rainbow
#41 What An Experience: An Interactive Workshop on Experiential Learning
#42 Cultural Assistance Teams: More than Just Talk
#43 RLAS: Strategies for Reducing LGBTQ+ Adolescent Suicide
#44 Motivational Interviewing with Adolescents: Dynamic Skill Building
#45 Developmental Implications of Trauma, Abuse, and Neglect
11:40 AM-1:30 PM LUNCH
KEYNOTE: The Power of One Caring Adult: Every Kid Is ONE Caring Adult Away from Being a Success Story
#46 Youth In Action: Advocating for 100% Comprehensive Tobacco and E-Cigarette-Free Schools
#47 Support our Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Community: Are you ready?
#48 From Risk to Resiliency: Improving the Health and Well-Being of New Mexico’s LGBQ Youth
#49 It's Not Rocket Science: What YOU Need to Know in a School Emergency
#50 Working with Young Fathers
#51 Websites to Help New Mexico Students Reach Academic Success
#52 Using Humor to Defuse Conflict and Engage Students
#53 Developmental Implications of Trauma, Abuse, and Neglect [REPEAT]
#54 Put Your Oxygen Mask on First: Stress Inoculation for Those Who Get Up in the Morning
3:15-3:30 PM BREAK
#55 Healing the Scars: Working through the Trauma of Bullying
#56 Substance Use in the Young Adult
#57 Mental Illness in the Classroom and the Power of Mindfulness
#58 Highly Mobile Students: How to Support Their Educational Success
#59 Resiliency from the Inside Out: A Tool-Kit for Youth Well-Being
#60 School Nursing’s Secret Weapon: Discover the Power of Data
#61 The Development of a Comprehensive Centralized Resource and Referral System for Families in New Mexico
#62 Inter-Professional Collaboration in Trauma-Sensitive Schools
#63 Guard Ur Self: Immunization Education


*Agenda subject to change.

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